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Prison Programs

Croatia - 5 Jail Programs in 9 Days-May 2012

We have just returned from our fifth prison program in the last 9 days. On May 22nd we visited a prison in Rejika Croatia the 23rd it was Celje Slovenia where one inmate, after reading two books we distributed, called our temple in Ljubljana and asked to get japa beads.

Brazil - Preaching in Caruaru, 2012

By : 
Kalakanta Dasa
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Caruaru is a medium sized town in a steady urbanization growth. Located at about 130 Km from Recife, the Capital of the State, Pernambuco. Since 1986 an ISCON farm, Nova Vrajadhama, was established a few Kilometers from the town, and since then has endeavoured in the process ofexpanding Srila Prabhupada`s teachings. I served in this project for a few years, and in the late 90`s there were several actions in the town`s prison by a group of members from different religions and the Vaishnavas were also invited to participate.

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